Triple B StoneIn 2007 Greg Biffle needed stone for a landscaping project at his home and his contractor recommended river rock from a mine in Virginia. Two years later he inquired about getting more of the same river rock for another project only to find out that the mine had shut down due to tough economic times.

Before becoming a NASCAR driver, Greg began working in his family’s steel business at an early age. Late in his teen years, he started his own business building racecar chassis to support his passion of racing locally. Greg also ran a restaurant in addition to the chassis business throughout his early 20’s, making him a successful entrepreneur at an early age. In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Greg has always had an interest anything with an engine including heavy equipment.

So after some consideration, Biffle decided to purchase the mine and asked his brother Jeff to move to the area to help try to rejuvenate the business. The first step was to hire back some of the local employees who had lost their jobs when the rock mine shut down. Greg then began to purchase new equipment that was both more efficient and more environmentally friendly. His brother was looking to make a change and jumped at the opportunity to help run what is now Triple B Stone.

In 1998, Greg got the call to come drive for Roush Fenway Racing but over the course of his NASCAR career Greg has entertained several business opportunities. When the opportunity came along to get into the rock mining business, it just seemed like the right move. He knew there was demand for the product and that he could efficiently and responsibly mine the stone that people needed.

Triple B Stone is now a productive mine in Speedwell, Va. with potential to grow and continue to enhance the local economy.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in choosing Triple B Stone for your landscaping stone needs.